Local Interest Videos

Claire in her life before Ishara Apartment and Precision Engraving had her own TV Channel The Light and Energy Channel with Duncan Smith which used to have an Friday night slot on Sky 200.

The videos below all have local interest

1. Claire Whiles visits the South Dorset Ridgeway in Dorset, England. Within the 14 square miles of this beautiful stretch of country are at least 500 archaeological monuments, nearly all of them several thousand years old.

2. In this show Claire Whiles visits the wonderful ancient sites of Knowlton Henge near Wimborne in Dorset, St Catherines Chapel , Abbotsbury and the little known St Lukes ruined chapel in the woods at Ashley Chase.

Beautiful places steeped in history that clearly show how Christianity used the knowledge of Pagan sites on which to build their churches.

3. The film (made 2011) is based on Gary Biltcliffes book The Spirit of Portland and Claire Whiles discovers the hidden history of this island better known for its famous Portland Stone and the 2012 Olympics